Road Race Route

The Arnold Mills Road Race begins at the North Cumberland Fire Station and proceeds WEST on Nate Whipple Highway (on the same route which the parade takes two hours later). 

The first turn which the runners take is LEFT at Abbott Run. The next turn is LEFT onto Arnold Mills Road, followed by another LEFT turn onto Quaker Rd. At Nate Whipple Highway, the runners will take another LEFT to Abbott Run Road. After turning LEFT on Abbott Run, the runners will travel down Abbott Run to Sun Valley Drive.

The runners run up Sun Valley Drive and turn RIGHT on Arnold Mills Road. The next turn is down Quaker Lane, a short trip which leads back to Nate Whipple Highway and the road race’s starting point. Runners continue past the starting point back to Arnold Mills Road and past the North Cumberland Fire Station and a one-room Schoolhouse to the finish line.